Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gone Crate Digging

Since I've been looking for gainful employment I've had a some time to go digging for records at local thrift stores. Here are some of the gems I found.

I found this one at a thrift store in Malden. I didn't look carefully at the record when I bought it because when I came home the damn thing was warped. But I got one track out of it and it only cost a buck.

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Vic Taylor- Let the Power Fall on I

I kinda of cheated with this one and went to Stereo Jacks in the Porter Square area to pick this one up. But it's got none other than my favorite Lonnie Liston Smith on it and it was only a bleeding $2.99. Now that's thrift store like prices.

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Gato Barbieri - Ninos

Gato Barbieri - Vidala Triste

This one I picked up in Allston on the basis that the cover just looked so damn cool. The tracks are alright. There are some nice soulful slow jams on it.

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Grady Tate - I Just Want to Be There

I've been on a kick to find some samba funk records and I was a happy customer when I found this one at Diskovery in Brighton Center. This is one of the only few funky tracks on it but it's damn worth it. Milton Nascimento is one of Brazil's most celebrated singers in Brazil and throughout the world. Milton was born in Rio de Janerio but moved to the Minas Gerais region as a little boy and began playing in groups until he took a job as a radio DJ. After working on a degree in Economics he went back into music and eventually got to record an album in the U.S. Although, "Milton", "Minas", "Gerais" "Milagre dos Peixes" and the two volumes of "Clube da Esquina" are considered his most popular works he has many great rare funky clubs albums like the "Tostao a fera de ouro" EP.

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Milton Nacimento - Reis E Rainhas Do Maracatu

Don't forget to stop by Mood Mosaic. I might be throwing some of my thrift shop finds on the platters.

Monday, February 26, 2007

New Mix: Sounds of Cellophane Vol. 2

It's finally here after last Wednesday's special edition of Sounds of Cellophane, a new mix compilation mixed, selected, and engineered by Deano Sounds. This mix features some rare music from the 1972 film, "Sitting Target" by Douglas Hickox. Sitting Target, the first British film to receive an R rating features some amazingly bizarre instrumental music.

There are many great Italian film composers on this album as well including Gianni Ferrio, Stefano Torossi, Franco Micalizzi, and Stelvio Cipriani. Also on the mix are tracks from other spy films, thrillers, bollywood films, etc. I've even included bits of dialogue from some films featured on this mix. Sit back and listen to this mix of spectacular soundtracks.


1. A Man Alone - John Barry (The Ipcress File)
2. Rhythm and Sex - Gianni Ferrio
3. Naked Camera - Herbie Hancock (Blow Up)
4. Theme from Charade - Henry Mancini (Charade)
5. Theme from Sitting Target - Stanley Myers (Sitting Target)
6. Dialogue
7. Fearing Much - Stefano Torossi
8. A Ciascuno Il Suo - Luis Enriquez Bacalov
9. Bang, Bang (Shot My Baby Down) - Nancy Sinatra (Kill Bill)
10. Dialogue
11. Getting Nowhere in a Hurry - Roy Budd (Get Carter)
12. Flute Sequence - Franco Micalizzi
13. Dialogue
14. Face To Face - Stelvio Cipriani
15. Main Hon Lilly - Raul Dev Burman (Bond 303)
16. Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Large Ho - Kalyanji-Anandj (Bombay 405 Miles)
17. Dialogue
18. Straight Target - Stanley Myers (Sitting Target)
19. Battle at Piz Gloria -John Barry (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)
20. Sote Sote Adhi Raat - Sapan-Jagmohan (Siskeyan)
21. Meu Nome E Ze - Antonio Pinto and Ed Cortes (City of God)
22. Fever - Jingo (Last King of Scotland)
23. Dialogue

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Monday, February 19, 2007

Sounds of Cellophane Volume 2

This week at the Redline it's another addition of Sounds of Cellophane. Back in November I hosted a night of soundtracks featuring music from Spy Thrillers, Blaxploitation, Enrico Morricone, etc.

This time around I'll be spinning soundtracks by Peter Thomas, Lalo Schifrin, Henry Mancini, Herbie Hancock, Piero Piccioni, J. J Johnson, Rahul Dev Burman, and John Barry. Featuring some of the greatest Blaxploitation, Spy, and Bollywood films of the 60s and 70s.

So join us this Wednesday at the Redline. There may even be a Sounds of Cellophane mix coming out of this.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Valentine's Day Special

As we all know Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love so this past week we tried to add some samba magic, bossa nova love, and plain old swinging jazz to our Valentine's Day Mood Mosaic.

Our first track "Stay" is from the lovely Astrud Gilberto and her 1967 album Beach Samba.

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The track "Swing Negrao-Brasil Pandero-O Samba Agora Vai-E Com Esse Que Eu Vou" by Elza Soares and Roberto Ribeiro is a funky samba medley with a really interesting vocal accapella scat by both singers.

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The final track of the week is "Le Coeur Qui Jazze" by France Gall, an uptempo jazz vocal number.

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I recommend

Check out this comp from the guys and gals of Brazilian Beat Brooklyn:

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It's a great mix CD featuring all the rare true Brazilian funk and samba rock you'll ever need. I love to break it out at Mood Mosaic on a cold Boston night to remind everyone that summer is still a season in New England. We're hoping one day that the people behind Brazilian Beat Brooklyn will come to Boston to guest DJ at Mood Mosaic.

For more info on the music, the DJs, the night, and where to purchase the album go to

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Article in the Boston Phoenix

I know it's a bit late but check this article about us from the Boston Phoenix on 1/11/07:

Thanks again to David Day!

Our first Mix

To get you acquainted with the Mood Mosaic sound and what we're all about I've posted one of our earliest mixes from myself, Deano Sounds. The mix contains wide range of genres from the bossa nova groove of Astrud Gilberto to the dub sounds of Joe Gibbs to the driving jazz hi hats of Bobby Cole to the spaced-out jazz of Lonnie Liston Smith and ending with the deep funk of Val McKenna.

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Welcome to the Mood Mosaic Night Blog. The Mood Mosaic Night was started back in October of 2006 and currently finds its home on Wednesday nights at the Redline at 59 JFK St. in Cambridge, MA.

The night is based on the Mood Mosaic compilation albums that were released in the late 90s. You'll hear everything from the Bossa Nova beauty of Astrud Gilberto to the funky African horns of Fela Kuti to the driving bass of Brazilian funksters, Bando Uni Black to the sweeping melodies of soundtracks by Peter Thomas to the northern soul stomp of Gloria Jones and more.

Here on this blog you'll find live mixes from the night, suggested listenings, mp3s of artists that were played last week, and info on the music that's being spun. So be sure to check us out on a weekly basis and add us as your friend on myspace at But of course of if you are in the Harvard Square area on a Wednesday night stop by.