Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back in Action: Soulfulness

Once again we're back from a some time away. But we return with some gifts. I've created a new mix called Soulfulness featuring northern soul, disco funk, jazz beat, and sister funk.


The Moments - Baby I Want You
The Esquires - Ain't Gonna Give It Up
Creation - I Got the Fever
The Mirettes - In the Midnight Hour
Lou Courtney - I've Got Just the Thing
Mark Murphy - Why Don't You Do Right
Deirdre Wilson Tabac - Get Back
Ron Holden - I Need Ya
The Chevelles - The Gallop
Manu Dibango - Weya
A Different Bag - Let's Put It Together
Jo Armstead - I've Turned On
William Bell and Judy Clay - My Baby Specializes
Ella Fitzgerald - Sunshine of Your Love
Lou Rawls - Dead End Street
The Esquires - Listen to Me

Download Here