Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Gone Crate Digging

Since I've been looking for gainful employment I've had a some time to go digging for records at local thrift stores. Here are some of the gems I found.

I found this one at a thrift store in Malden. I didn't look carefully at the record when I bought it because when I came home the damn thing was warped. But I got one track out of it and it only cost a buck.

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Vic Taylor- Let the Power Fall on I

I kinda of cheated with this one and went to Stereo Jacks in the Porter Square area to pick this one up. But it's got none other than my favorite Lonnie Liston Smith on it and it was only a bleeding $2.99. Now that's thrift store like prices.

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Gato Barbieri - Ninos

Gato Barbieri - Vidala Triste

This one I picked up in Allston on the basis that the cover just looked so damn cool. The tracks are alright. There are some nice soulful slow jams on it.

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Grady Tate - I Just Want to Be There

I've been on a kick to find some samba funk records and I was a happy customer when I found this one at Diskovery in Brighton Center. This is one of the only few funky tracks on it but it's damn worth it. Milton Nascimento is one of Brazil's most celebrated singers in Brazil and throughout the world. Milton was born in Rio de Janerio but moved to the Minas Gerais region as a little boy and began playing in groups until he took a job as a radio DJ. After working on a degree in Economics he went back into music and eventually got to record an album in the U.S. Although, "Milton", "Minas", "Gerais" "Milagre dos Peixes" and the two volumes of "Clube da Esquina" are considered his most popular works he has many great rare funky clubs albums like the "Tostao a fera de ouro" EP.

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Milton Nacimento - Reis E Rainhas Do Maracatu

Don't forget to stop by Mood Mosaic. I might be throwing some of my thrift shop finds on the platters.

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