Sunday, March 25, 2007

Trip to Chi-Town

Last week I mentioned I was taking a trip to Chicago to do some crate digging. Well I'm back and it was a very fruitful trip. But instead of just putting my treasures up on this blog, I'm going to make you come down to Mood Mosaic to hear them.

The first stop on my trip was Dusty Groove. Not a great place to go digging but I did find a descent copy of Marcos Valle's Vontade De Rever Voce. Then I headed over to a store called Crazy Man Records. The guy there was somewhat crazy with the heat off in the store but I did find a nice copy of Skyy's 1980 album, Skyway.

The next day I braved a long journey all the way to the edge of Chicago's southside to a store called Mr. Peabody Records. This store has been a visit for DJs, producers, and collectors of all kinds including Dimitri from Paris, members of Slum Village, Glenn Underground, Eldee Young of the Ramsey Lewis Trio, Theo Parrish, members of the Chi-Lites, and many more. The staff was very hopeful in finding me what I wanted. I left with many great funk, disco, and boogie records including: Above and Beyond's "We Love You Muhammad Ali", Sparque's "Let's Go Dancing", and Creme D'Cocoa's "Doin' the Dog."

On the final day I went to Hyde Park Records near the University of Chicago. It turned out to be a haven for funk 45s and at a fraction of the cost of buying online. I picked up a nice copy of The Beginning of the End's "Funky Nassau" The Party Brothers' "Let Me Be the One", and Kenny Hamber's "Show Me Your Money."
We hope to see this Wednesday at Mood Mosaic. We have PJ Gray guest DJing and I'll be spinning many of the tracks I picked up in Chicago.

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