Friday, March 9, 2007

On the Radio: Galactic Fractures

PJ Gray has graciously invited me to guest DJ on the Galactic Fractures radio show on Sunday from noon-2pm. If you live in the Medford, MA area you can listen on 91.5 FM. The rest of us can check it out at For more information on Galactic Fractures and to subscribe to PJ's podcast go to

If you don't know about PJ Gray and his Galactic Fractures show then you've been living in your grandma's basement listening to broken 45s for the last five years. PJ Gray is the king of funk and soul in New England and his radio show has been host to his vast (and I mean vast) collection of funk and soul 45s.

Expect to hear some jazz groovers, a little reggae, and funk of all diasporas from me on Sunday.

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