Monday, March 5, 2007

Brother Cleve at Mood Mosaic

As some of you may know we had a special guest DJ spin at Mood Mosaic in January. None other than DJ Sharaabi Kapoor or as he is known in Boston, Brother Cleve. Here is some background info about Brother Cleve's experience with Indian music:

"In the 1970's, decaying urban movie theaters in the US screened hundreds of action films, mostly of the blaxploitation and chop socky variety, to an audience of weed smoking inner city youths, digging not only the kung fu fighting but the hard funking soundtracks as well.

DJ Br. Cleve was a regular denizen of these old Boston grindhouses, theaters like the Astor, Saxon, Gary, Center, Publix and Symphony Cinemas. Little did he know then that halfway around the globe, audiences in decaying movie palaces in Bombay, Delhi, and Calcutta were digging the same type of film, but Bollywood style -- "brownsploitation" flix filled with gamblers, diamond smugglers, dope pushers, thieves, martial artists, terrorists and saree-clad go-go dancers, all set to masala spiced funky beats.

After years of vinyl archeology in the bazaars of India, Br. Cleve has morphed into his alter-ego DJ Sharaabi Kapoor, and, at Redline on January 17th, will be presenting the dopest, deepest sitar beat tracks from some of the wildest movies ever made."

So sit back and take sometime to listen this rare mix of Sitar Beats and Bollywood Funk from DJ Sharaabi Kapoor.

Brother Cleve Mix Part 1

Brother Cleve Mix Part 2

Brother Cleve Mix Part 3


Reza said...

Wicked thanks ...have a few myself if you've time . I put the maddest bolly beat breaks stuff I could find on it (all from vinyl)

Martin Aagaard said...

Many thanks, this is so freakin nice!! But Part 2 and 3 do not work, Please fix it, i cant wait to hear those mix's!!!