Sunday, November 7, 2010

Evans Pyramid

We are looking for anyone who has any contact information or connection with the performers on this record or any Evans Pyramid or Royale release. We are a record label specializing in releasing rare and unreleased funk and soul. You can contact us at We would love to see this music receive the exposure that it deserves.

Cultures of Soul Records

You may have been wondering why we haven't been posting for a long time. Well we have been quite busy. We've been working on our new record label and brand, Cultures of Soul. It's all things funk, soul, jazz, disco, afro beat, latin, and more. We've released 3 seven inches so far and are working on reissuing Stanton Davis' brilliant jazzfunk opus, Brighter Days. You can pruchase them at

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Deano Sounds at Soulelujah!

Finally, I got my chance to DJ at Soulelujah at ZuZu's over the weekend. I got a chance to drop some of my favorite soul tracks to a full dancefloor including Peanut Duck by Marsha Gee, Say Yeah Yeah by Yvonne Fair, and I Wanna Chance for Romance by Hector Rivera. Thanks again to Sean and PJ. See you back at the Highland Kitchen for Soul Shake this Saturday.

Mayer Hawthorne - Artist Of The Week (6/15/09)

You've probably already heard about Mayer Hawthorne but this is a nice little vid that gives you some info about his backgroud. Check out his modern version of the New Holiday's Maybe So Mayve No.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Deano Sounds on Viva Radio

One of the reasons I haven't been posting as much as on this blog as I usually do is because I've been working on my new radio show on Viva Radio. Unwritten by American Apparell, Viva gives its contributors the freedom to play whatever they want. My show called Cultures of Soul, is just that. I search for the rarest soul, jazz, funk, disco from all over the world. I play Brazilian funk, latin disco, ethno jazz, and much more. Check it out on Viva Radio on Tuesdays from 4 to 5pm or check it my archived shows here.

Our New Night: Soul Shake

I've teamed up with my long time friend and DJ partner Jay Murphy for a new night of soul music specializing in deep funk, northern soul, sister funk, and everything in between. The night is starting to take off so come show off your favorite soulful dance moves. It's every Saturday night at the Highland Kitchen at 150 Highland Avenue in Somerville.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deano's Cumbia

You can do a lot of dances to this mix and you may even be able to do the cumbia. I don't know I just liked the way Deano's Cumbia sounded. It's got some latin, salsa, brazilian, afro beat, and cumbia funk.

Fabulous Three - Answer Me Softly
Manu Dibango - New Bell
Cesar Costa Fulho - E Os Sambas Viverao
Fruko y sus Tesos - Salsa Na Ma
Ray Mantilla - Gourdo Lobo
El Cid - New York to Georgetown
WJC and Roots Trunks and Branches - Rising
Malcolm's Locks - Get Up Stand Up
Raoul Zequeira - Hey Hey
Beginning of the End - Monkey Tamarind
Marsha Gee - Peanut Duck
Som Tres - Tanga
Ralph Robles - Taking Over
Antibalas - Dirt and Blood
Daktaris - Elfuhg Ibal Lasiti

Download Here